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Amoena Tenerife Bodice One-Piece Swimsuit

Amoena Tenerife Bodice One-Piece Swimsuit

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Transform yourself into a confident beach beauty with our stunning black Tanerife swimsuit. The built-in bodice not only offers adjustable necklines, but also provides excellent support for your curves. The versatile straps can be worn in different ways - normal, crisscross, or even around the neck. Our unique modeling bandage mesh tightens and enhances your silhouette, while the elegant insert with drapery creates a slimming effect and adds a touch of mystery to your look.

Amoena's swimsuit offers numerous benefits including:

  • Transformable straps provide versatile styling options, while the cut is designed to naturally conceal prosthesis and ensure symmetry for unilateral mastectomy patients.
  • Additionally, soft and adjustable straps prevent discomfort and weight distribution for those with heavy busts.
  • The high neckline and elastic materials offer both support and coverage for scars.
  • The built-in bodice with pockets keeps the breast prosthesis secure, and the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fabric is resistant to harsh conditions without losing quality over time.


  • 82% Polyamide
  • 18% Xtra Life Lycra®
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