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-Is there financial assistance for my breast prosthetic?
*Please note the following covers government assistance.  You may be able to obtain coverage if you have a private health insurance plan.  Always contact them to find out what you are eligible for.
In Ontario the assistive devices program covers a percentage of the cost for partial and full prosthetics every 2 years (per side of the body).  We will provide you with the ADP application in your order shipment.  For all other provinces please check with your provincial government for coverage information.  If you have private health insurance they may also assist with a percentage of the cost.  Contact your insurance provider for more information.
In Manitoba clients will now have a choice of either 2 or 4 year benefit terms…clients can now pay out of pockets for amounts exceeding the benefit amount...for a single or bilateral mastectomy a benefit of an amount not exceeding $400 per prosthetic every 2 years or 2 prosthetics every 2 years if bilateral...and an amount not exceeding $50 every 2 years for a pocketed bra – or- a benefit of an amount not exceeding $800 per prosthetic every 4 years or 2 prosthetics every 4 years if bilateral and an amount not exceeding $100 every 4 years for a pocketed bra
In Saskatchewan there is no reimbursement.
In New Brunswick there is no reimbursement.
In Newfoundland there is no reimbursement.
In Nova Scotia the government agency MSI allows $200 every second year paid to retailer at time of purchase from client. MSI pays up to $150 every 2 years paid to retailer, also Canadian Cancer Society will cover an additional $150 per form and $40 per bra if lady qualifies for low income assessment (net income of $34,000 or below).
P.E.I. gives a one time prosthesis to each woman after a mastectomy up to the value of $400. 
In Quebec the goverment provides $425 annually for a full prosthetic or $250 annually for a partial prosthetic.
In B.C. this falls under PHARMACARE deductible. Each citizen has a deductible for ALL medical expenses according to income and once that is met, Pharmacare will pay $450.00 every TWO years (no bra coverage) Partials are reimbursed at $350 every two years.
In Alberta every 3 years you can receive funding for your prosthetic.  $350.70 per breast form for seniors or assisted income. $263.03 for everyone else. No coverage for bras or partials. 
-Is there financial assistance for my brassiere?
If you have private health insurance they may assist with a percentage or quantity of brassieres or mastectomy clothing per year.  Contact your insurance provider for more information.
-Can I claim items on my income tax?
Yes!  All mastectomy/partial mastectomy related products are tax exempt and considered tax deductible as a medical expense on your income tax.
-Is there a warranty?
All silicone prosthetics carry a 2 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defect.  Please contact us for more information.
-Can I wear a prosthetic in all garments?
Yes!  All of our products have pockets on both sides allowing you to wear your prosthetic(s) securely (if needed). 
-How soon after surgery should I purchase a prosthetic?
We recommend purchasing a prosthetic after all signs of swelling and infection have subsided and after radiation.  Check with your doctor if your are unsure.
Is the prosthetic heavy?
Prosthetics are designed to replace the weight of the breast or portion of breast that the surgery removed.  In order to provide maximum comfort you need to ensure you are always wearing a supportive brassiere, and that the bra straps are shortened to a snug position.
-Do I need to wash my prosthetic?
Hygiene is personal but hand washing daily is recommended with regular body soap or breast wash in warm water.  Towel dry.  Place in your original box or on a flat surface away from sharp objects.
Please note*  The sticky back (Contact) prosthetics have special washing instructions, soap and brush in the box.
-Can I travel with my prosthetic?
Here is a link to help answer that.
-Do I need to make an appointment?
An appointment is not necessary if you would like to visit and shop our showroom.
However, if you would like a bra fitting or just help or an opinion on fit, than we do recommend that you make one.  Please be aware that ladies who did book an appointment for a fitting do get priority when the store is busy.
Fittings for a prosthetic take about 1hr, so we always recommend calling to see if we are available to help you.
Play it safe, call or email us for an appointment so that we can give you priority service and have you in and out in a timely manner.