Breast Prosthesis

Naturally You specializes in full and partial prosthetics.  We offer breast forms that move and feel like a natural breast even through sheer fabric.

Fittings are done by appointment only by our qualified fitters in a private, beautifully comfortable space.

We also offer our "Contact" form which adheres securely to the body, giving you a new sense of freedom and self confidence. 

Uneven breasts are common for surgical reasons or genetics.  We offer partial prosthetics for a fashionable, invisible solution to restore the "Balance".

Did you Know

  • Prosthetics are covered by the Assistive Devices program and your personal health Plan.*
  • Prosthetics are covered by the ADP program every 2 years.*
  • We provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for submission and reimbursement
  • Bras are covered in part by most personal health plans.
  • Most health plans cover between 1 to 6 bras per year.
  • Any out of pocket expenses for everything we carry can be claimed on your income tax each year.
*This information is for Ontario, please see our FAQ's to see what coverage your province offers.

    Amoena breast forms are lovingly manufactured for women by women.