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Amoena 233 Balance Adapt Air Medium Delta Adjustable Breast Shaper

Amoena 233 Balance Adapt Air Medium Delta Adjustable Breast Shaper

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Adjust to Perfection-This partial breast form is our most innovative full shaper yet.  It's designed with an air chamber that makes it easy to adjust the shaper so it meets your needs.  Simply use the pump to fine-tune the fit and volume of the shaper until it suits the natural curve of your breast and sits comfortably against your skin.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated air chamber for individual adjustment
  • Comfortably adjustable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact
  • Temperature-equalising Comfort+ layer to maintain woman's ideal body temperature
  • Structured back for ventilation and flexibility
  • High-quality InTouch silicone with a smooth and soft film provide a natural appearance and feel
  • Symmetrical shape that compensates missing volume across the entire breast
  • Especially suitable for: women with uneven scarring, weight fluctuations, swelling due to lymphoedema in the chest area

Care Guide

For best results, use Amoena Soft Cleanser

  • Wet your form and add a few drops of cleanser (it's very concentrated)
  • Add water and hand wash - the more water you add, the more bubbles you'll get
  • Rinse and towel dry
  • Daily washing is not required unless it's warmer weather or there is a possibility of increased sweating.


  • PU-Film
  • InTouch Silicone
  • Silicone
  • Phase-Change-Material
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