Breast Form Fitting Guide

How to Wear a Breast Form

Most women wear breast forms daily and for all occasions.

To securely hold a breast form or partial shaper, Amoena designs beautiful bras with integral pockets. These pocketed bras boost your confidence and body  and ensure the breast form doesn’t slip out or slide around. (A self-adhesive breast form like Amoena Contact is another option, but we do recommend wearing it with a bra.) 

While you can wear non-pocketed “regular” bras, they may not be as secure for you as one with a pocket in the cup.

Because staying fit is so important, particularly after breast surgery, pocketed swimwear and , including sports bras, are also available. 

Leisure and Home wear lets you relax in comfort because the bras are built right in. In all of these lingerie and clothing options, pockets securely hold the breast forms in place and let you move freely.

Wearing the right breast form can make a big difference in how you feel every day.


Breast Prosthesis Fitting Process

For the perfect fit, it’s important that you consult individually with a trained, certified mastectomy fitter in a specialist shop, like those of us at Naturally You. Your fitter’s experience and knowledge can help you identify your unique needs and guide you to the best options to choosing the right breast form.

We understand that with such a wide range to choose from, selecting a breast form can be a bit overwhelming! To make it easier, Amoena codes their products with a number and letter system. 

You or your fitter should begin with these three steps to get started:

Step 1: Cup fullness

Select the cup fullness you need. Is your remaining breast (1) shallow, (2) average or (3) full?

 breast form fitting guide

Step 2: Shape 

Consider the shape: (S) symmetrical, (A) asymmetrical or (E) extra. 

Generally,  shape is best after a standard mastectomy and an asymmetrical breast form is best if you have had lymph nodes or tissue removed from under your arm. 

 breast form fitting tips

Step 3: Size

Your fitter will properly measure your bra size to determine your breast form size. All Amoena breast forms are available in a wide size range. 

We recommend that you wait at least six weeks after your breast surgery, to ensure that incisions have healed. 

It is also important to make an appointment yearly because bodies change over time and as we age. 


Breast Form Conversion Chart

To  the size of breast form required, find your bra size on the conversion chart. 
Example: 34B will require a size 4 breast form. 

Breast form conversion chart

Putting it all together 
Now you have all the information you need to order the correct breast form. In the example opposite we have chosen a Contact breast form in a shallow cup and symmetrical fitting, bra size 34B which converts to a size 5. 

Breast Prosthesis sizing

If you’re still not sure what to order, don’t worry – just contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you. 

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