4 Secrets About New Amoena Swimwear

4 Secrets About New Amoena Swimwear

The new 2019 Amoena pocketed swimwear collection is here, and it’s winning rave reviews.

If you’ve ever dreaded swimwear shopping, you won’t anymore. Amoena’s smart swimwear solutions brilliantly address body image concerns.  Each style has its own hidden touches to flatter different body types.

Here are just 4 of our favourite Amoena design secrets:

1. Bust Shaping, Amoena swimsuits have built-in bras with soft cups that provide excellent support and gentle bust shaping which flatters everyone. For breast form wearers, this pocketed swimwear is simply the best in the world. It provides total discretion and security. You can move confidently, with no worries breast forms slipping or falling forward, even in a wet bathing suit. And pockets are accessible from both the top and the side, making it so easy for you.

2. Underarm Consideration. It’s remarkable how just a slightly higher cut under the arms gives you a more flattering line. It’s not excess coverage, but the cut provides added security and peace of mind and can camouflage high scarring.

3. Adjustable Straps. Adjustable straps can change how the swimsuit looks and performs for you. Those who want them will love the styles that have them.

4. Beautiful Backs. In most models, the Amoena swimsuit back is at 2.5 to 5 cm below the bra line. This gives a truly pretty line, plus allows for assured security and comfort.

We know our swimwear designs inside out. We make swimsuit shopping easy, and enjoyable. Drop in, browse and then step into our fitting room. Tell us your preferences and/or your concerns, and we’ll show you a selection of terrific, flattering solutions to buoy your confidence.

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