The Very Secret Code to Seduction


Some women are just born charmers.  Right?  Wrong! 

We each have the power of seduction within us.  All you need is to know how to unlock it.  And we’re sharing the secret code to do just that.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, be sure to pass it around.


Your secret code:  IAMES


Inside job:  Seduction is an inside job - it starts with self-love.  The research on the secret of attraction shows people unconsciously receive, and respond to, subtle clues about how we feel about ourselves.   


Seducers know this:  What we wear sends a message to our brain.  When you smile at yourself in a beautiful bra and panty set, your brain decodes that you are pleased with how you look, and without even trying, your entire demeanour changes.


Adventurousness:   We’re attracted to those who dare to try new things.  When you do something out of your comfort zone, you turn heads.


Seducers know this:  Adventures can happen at home. Whether it’s a salsa class or learning to swim, doing something different increases our fun, and the interest of others in us.  So jump in the deep end. To make it easy, Amoena has a new gorgeous line of swimwear, perfect to build confidence– and includes styles that free you up from prepping your bikini line.


Mysterious:  Little whispers about who we are make us incredibly enticing.  Research confirms what we all know; our minds simply can’t resist thinking about hints and clues.


Seducers know this:  Details matters. An exquisite bra strap, a hint of lace. The designers at Amoena  -- dedicated to supporting a woman body, mind and spirit  -- are well aware of that. The Amoena Seduction line is designed to enchant.


Lacy but strong.  Seductions provides optimal support and comfort, without sacrificing smoldering sensuality.  For a double wow, Amoena panties are stunning.  High quality, long-lasting, body-molding with exciting details, like a real Swarvosky crystal.   


Energy:   Energy attracts.  That’s the bottom line. When you take care of yourself, you emit an energy that draws others in.   Vitality is magnetic.


Seducers know this:  The Amoena active wear line is energizing.  More than just flattering, it’s thoughtfully made of the highest quality materials to feel good on your skin and make you feel good in your skin.  Try on an Amoena active wear top and experience a boost of eagerness to stretch, dance, walk, and be your healthiest self.


Self-sufficiency:  Self-love and self-care is what you need to own your life on your terms. The experts who study laws of attraction conclude those who recognize and embrace their uniqueness and are comfortable with time alone are the most seductive of all.


Seducers know this:  Enjoying “me time” strengthens your best self.   The unique Amoena PJs make “me time” a loving embrace, with materials that caress for ultimate comfort.  Life is good when you feel soothed.




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