The Day I was Told

Breast Cancer Survivors Share Personal Stories


As Amoena fitters, we see a lot of magic happen in our fitting room.  When any woman looks in the mirror and loves what she sees, it’s a joy to experience. And when a woman who has had breast cancer surgery sees herself in a breast form, or balance products, for the first time -- and regains her confidence, it’s a hugely powerful moment.


After all, we all know, there is no greater power than that of a confident woman.


Our work in supporting women at every stage of their healing journey really is a privilege. We learn so much from our customers’ stories, and in sharing with us, we are able to help others even more.


That is why we are thrilled that Amoena has set up a new website called the The Day I was Told that features videos of breast cancer survivors very openly sharing their journey -- from initial diagnosis through treatment to recovery and beyond. This is real advice, from women who have been there and know.


You’ll hear the truths of women like Ginger Johnson. Ginger tells of being diagnosed at 31, when five months pregnant. When Ginger felt something different in her right breast, she assumed, as most would, that it was simply something related to pregnancy. But fortunately, Ginger did what doctors urge all of us to do – book an appointment to make sure.


Since then, Ginger has been on an incredible life journey. She says what helped her through the physical and emotional turmoil was “talking with other survivors to give me some insight.”


Ginger has so much insight to share herself. She talks honestly about her treatments, her complete life shift, and the work she did to heal her soul.


And Ginger shares turning points, like coming to terms with her changed body. She now lives by the slogan, “boobs are optional, happiness is not.”  But she recalls how much she struggled when she was pregnant with a big belly and one big breast. When she was fitted with a breast form, Ginger says, “right away I could see a difference in my back, a difference in overall weight distribution.” She continues, “When they gave me that prosthetic it literally helped me feel so much comfort, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally because my appearance had been restored, and my balance.”


Ginger shares another turning point – the moment when she realized she could change the vibe in the treatment room for everyone. That was the catapult for her future as a “Miracle Chaser,” which is what it now says on her business card (really).  


Asked at the end of her interview what she wants women to know, among other things, Ginger answers, “…to believe they are not alone. They are so many millions of women in the world who truly understand and who will be able to support them in their journey.”


We’re here to support you.  


Watch Ginger’s story.

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