Need some extra energy for November?

With the drop in in daylight hours in November, many of us experience a personal energy crisis. 


To help you keep your battery charged as the days get shorter, we’ve collected our favourite tips from wellness experts.


Schedule time out with friends. Now that it’s dark at the end of the workday, it’s tempting to rush home and stay put. But studies show the best way to protect our mood as we transition to winter is to double down on efforts to see people and prioritize fun.  

Embrace the shorter days, don’t fight them. The science shows that simply by thinking of things to enjoy at this time of year we change our brain chemistry. Favourite sweaters, hot cider, flannel sheets. Build your list!

Wake up to water. Begin the day with a glass of water. We dehydrate when the heat comes on. And dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue. By starting each morning with water, we kick-start our system and hopefully a habit of drinking water all day long.


Bring soft clothing into your life: Heating and cold weather dehydrates our skin too and increases its sensitivity. So pamper your skin, even with your clothes. Amoena’s Valetta top, in a super-soft modal fabric, is perfect for this. And it comes in some beautiful new colours this season, like dark burgundy and royal blue. Layer it to increase comfort under a sweater, jacket or cardigan. And ask us about our bras that are soft on your skin too.


Move to generate energy. Exercise is a proven antidote to sun deprivation. And research shows we’re more likely to exercise if we have the clothes for it. We can make it easy for you. Amoena has a new sports front-zipper sport bra that is one of the most innovative, comfortable and supportive we’ve seen! And the new Amoena sports tops in dark blue are beautifully designed for total flexibility and security, and in highest quality fabric for breathability.


Remember, we’re here to give you a personal boost: Drop in and see us. Our expertise, and our joy, is to help you look and feel confident.  And confidence is the ultimate energizer.


All Amoena bras and tops are pocketed and can be used with a push-up, an enhancer, a partial or full breast-form. Amoena clothing feature excellent built-in support for no bra required. 

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