Little known facts about body image

Little known facts about body image

Ever made a New Year resolution to get in shape to look better and feel better?  Most of us had.  


But this year, wellness experts are urging us to put one resolution ahead of all the others we make.  They recommend we vow to look ourselves in the mirror, smile, and say kind words to our reflection.  


If that sounds silly, hear the scientists out. Psychologists insist the way we talk, and see ourselves, we change our body image, and our life.  And Amoena has proof.


But first, what is body image…really?


Body image is a term psychologists use to describe our deep feelings about how we look – and how we think we appear to others.


Here’s a little-known fact. Others can’t help but see us differently than we see ourselves.


Other people always see us in motion, animated, in some way.  It’s inevitable since we’re not carved out of stone.


Our facial expressions and bodies shift, even sometimes only slightly.  But we are mostly in motion. And this has an impact on how we look to others. 


Looking at us, people see our expressions, the way we hold ourselves, the way we move our hands, our mannerisms, how we may tuck hair behind our ears. All this data creates their picture of us.


But we don’t have that advantage when we look at ourselves. Psychologists explain that we don’t see ourselves “in flow” as others do.


Instead, when we look at ourselves in the mirror or in pictures, we mostly see ourselves as a “still” photo.


Even when we look at videos of ourselves, we rarely see us “in flow” –we just zoom in on one feature and notice that above all.


And naturally, we usually focus on our least favourite part, and then we hold that thought. Here’s how that hurts:


The Mind-Mirror Connection


We magnify: Science tells us that when we focus on things we don’t like, our minds magnify them. If you don’t like a body scar, in your eyes it will likely appear far bigger and more prominent than it really is.   


We see selectively:  We delete data.  It is as if we literally erase the good, and leave ourselves only with (magnified) flaws.


We see through mood filters:  Research shows we see ourselves differently based on whether we are in a good headspace, or a negative one.  If we feel upset, angry, disappointed, stressed, we will look at ourselves entirely differently than if we feel happy and at peace.


How we can help


Amoena is unique as a brand because every item is in support of a woman’s self-image. 


We really love this brand because of how it recognizes that our strong self-image is critical for our wellbeing, and our healing. 


We all know that self-image starts with us -- but Amoena does help us light a little fire under it.  Here are just some examples.


Shy about swimwear?  We know so many women think unkind thoughts about themselves when they put on a bathing suit.  So Amoena came out with an extraordinary line of swimwear that is intelligently designed to address whatever may be your perceived “problem area”. 


Hiding out after hours?  Feel you need to stay in your day clothes all evening long if other adults around, like your partner or grown kids?   You are not alone.


When Amoena’s designers learned that so many of us were reluctant to get cozy in the evenings because we felt embarrassed in “couch clothes,” they designed a beautiful solution. 


Amoena PJs and home wear in exquisite soft fabrics with built-in support lets you take off your bra and still be perfectly presentable. The tailoring is delightfully flattering. You’ll be able to hang out on the couch and be comfy and confident no matter who is around.


Feel pretty bras are only for perfect others?  Absolutely not! Amoena’s Seduction line is truly seductive!  Lovely and lacey, feminine and fabulous, these bras are hot, hot, hot, but still provide the best in Amoena support and comfort. 


Not feeling Zen enough about your body to get into active wear?  We carry Amoena active wear because it is made to empower and flatter -- body and mind. The colours, prints and smart cut of Amoena active wear tops make them so popular with women worldwide that many even wear them under jackets and cardigans to the office. That’s how good they look on us.


If nothing else this 2018, make it the year you give yourself daily smiles in the mirror.  If you can't find your smile, come and see us. We guarantee we’ll find it for you.

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