Get your daily dose of hugs… Amoena can help

Hugs aren’t just for kids.  As we age, and life throws us all kinds of challenges, we need our daily dose of hugs  -- as much as we need fruits and veggies.

In laboratories worldwide, researchers have studied the impact of hugs on our immune system and mental health.  And as you’ll see below, the findings are so powerful that it’s a wonder we’re not all walking around with outstretched arms.

4 top health benefits of being clutched in a kindly embrace:

We fight off viruses better:  A study of 404 healthy adults showed the group who received frequent hugs, and support, suffered far less severe symptoms of a common cold following exposure to the virus than the group that went hug-free.

We enjoy a shot of the cuddle hormone:  A 20-second hug is all it may take to get the brain to release oxytocin – known as the cuddle hormone for its role in activating feelings of trust and connection.

We send calming messages to our brain:  A friendly embrace may cause an immediate drop in in our stress hormone, cortisol.  Plus, in experiments, heart rates of “huggees” dropped from 10 beats a minute to a more relaxing 5 beats.

We hurt a little less:  A very famous experiment at UCLA showed that people felt less pain when given an electric shot, if holding a person’s hand or hugged.


So why don’t we all hug more?

Very young children are the biggest source for hugs.  And when the little people in our lives reach the tween years, we may find we get fewer hugs in the course of the day.  As time marches on, we can find ourselves in a hug deficit.

Of course, an affectionate spouse can pick up the slack, but life doesn’t come with a guarantee of a cuddly partner for all time.  

And women who have had breast surgery may feel self-consciousness and fearful that people might experience their hugs differently.  This concern can keep far too many women from reaching out for that all- important embrace. 

That’s where Amoena comes in.

If you’re wearing an Amoena breast form, you’ll know it not only has an entirely natural drape, it also feels like a natural breast to the touch.  Amoena guarantees its breast forms pass the most exacting hug tests in the world. 

So thanks to its breakthroughs in technology, there’s no cause at all to feel shy or worried when hugging anyone – a child of any age, a romantic partner, a friend, colleague, or even that judgmental high-school acquaintance at a class reunion!   They won’t know you’re wearing an external breast form, unless you want them to.

Amoena designs for total wellness 

Anyone who owns Amoena breast prostheses, or bras, and lifestyle garments knows first-hand that this brand delivers excellent support.  

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that Amoena does something that few other brands do – it takes a truly holistic approach to support.  Its technologists and designers go the extra mile to think about the body-mind connection for every single item they make.   And that makes Amoena a great brand for huggers.   


 3 easy ways Amoena can help you up your daily dose of hugs


  1. Start a tradition of goodnight hugs: Let those in your household know hugs help people relax and that's important for sleep.


To ensure you’re comfortable giving goodnight squeezes in your jammies, Amoena has created super-soft PJs with wonderful built-in support.  So you’ll look presentable and can feel confident collecting your nightly hugs from even the big kids in the house.


  1. Take up ballroom dancing: Dancing is a fun and fantastic exercise for cardio, muscle tone and even weight loss.  It’s also considered excellent for mental wellness.  It keeps you in the moment, forcing you to focus on your steps, not your worries.  Though it may not involve classic hugs, it does enable friendly touch, which is the next best thing.


We have wonderful versatile active wear made by Amoena to have you look lovely at the dance studio, and keep you cool when the music and the pace heats up.


  1. Enjoy a soft touch anytime: The research shows you can enjoy the benefit of a hug when you need it even if no one is around.  Studies find hugging a pillow, a pet, or a teddy bear brings genuine comfort.  And wrapping your arms around yourself and squeezing sends a message of self-love to the brain that boosts the spirit.


For do-it-yourself hugs, texture is important.  We love the Amoena leisure wear, made of the highest-quality Modal for its luxurious, soft feel on the skin.  These pieces are all long-lasting, so they’ll easily become your favourite go-to for when you just need to feel a little tender loving care.

Most importantly, be sure to Hug UP too

As we said, hugs aren’t just for kids.  But sadly, of all groups, studies find seniors are the least likely to be hugged – and yet the benefits of feeling a safe, warm touch are especially strong for older seniors.  This age group is known to be the least comfortable reaching out to get a moment or two of reprieve in an embrace.  That’s why wellness experts urge us to pass a hug forward – and the best thing with a hug is you are certain to get back all the good that you give.

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