How a Google search and an Amoena fitter turned a woman’s life around

How a Google search and an Amoena fitter turned a woman’s life around

~This blog post was written by Amoena from an interview with one of our customers after her wonderful and life-changing fitting experience in our store.~

A passing comment can sometimes be a huge game changer. Debroah Rowles says if just one person had suggested that she consult an expert fitter after her lumpectomy, her 40s and 50s would have been entirely different.

Debroah, now 58, suffered from scoliosis before her breast surgery, which occurred in her early 40s. But nothing prepared her for the debilitating back pain she would endure after losing a large section of her left breast to cancer.

A full-breasted woman who stands five-feet in her socks, Debroah endlessly sought relief from severe lower, middle back and neck discomfort.  Sadly, over the years, she was never told that improperly supported breast weight -- and breast imbalance post-surgery – can hurt spinal alignment.  As a result, Debroah says she didn’t know to include an Amoena breast care fitter on her wellness team.

A whim turned everything around

Until recently, Debroah chose her bras and foam inserts on her own. She shopped at stores without certified fitters on staff.  Amoena certified fitters are experts in breast support needs, breast forms, and balancers.

Then, one day, a Google search changed her life.  “On a whim, I looked online to find a recommended lingerie store that was close by, “recalls Debroah.  “A local Amoena store popped up along with amazing reviews.  I decided to go for it.” 

The Amoena heart-to-heart fitting experience

Debroah recalls that when she entered the Amoena shop, it felt like she was stepping into a healing experience.  That’s what all Amoena fitters provide.  In Debroah’s case, she received Amoena’s signature first-class care from Naturally You in Barrie.

“I can’t even begin to put in words what it was like for me.  The expertise, the compassion, the understanding, and the help I received were phenomenal,” says Debroah.  “My fitting ended in tears of new hope and hugs.”

The difference a fitting can make

 “Today, I’m standing better. I’m standing proud, with my shoulders back instead of hunched over. I’m no longer in agony. And the only thing I changed is that I wear an Amoena balancer and Amoena bras.”  

Debroah is on her feet all day, working with special needs children.  She says that being free of major pain lets her smile more brightly at her students.

Debroah’s students love her happy energy, and her chiropractor and physiotherapist notice a change in her too. 

“I’m delighted that therapists at PhysioMed, which focuses on causes not just symptoms, and more and more other therapists, nurses and doctors are advising women to consult a fitter as part of their treatment,” says Debroah.  “And my hope is that women will let each other know that having a great fitter on your team can be life-changing.”

Here's why an Amoena fitting is a game-changer  

  • It is important for both sides of the body to be balanced. With proper weight distribution, the spine stays aligned. This means your neck, shoulder, back, and even your hips and knees are aligned too. When you’re not in alignment, you’re in pain.


  • Amoena fitters are highly skilled in ensuring balance so you look and feel great.


  • If post-surgery you suffer from certain types of pain, your fitter knows how to address the effect of the weight imbalance. You can trust she’ll have a comfortable solution for you. And if you’re small breasted, don’t think that support or balance doesn’t matter – it does!


  • The right support isn’t a luxury, it’s a health need. Whether or not you wear a form, wearing the wrong bra for 12 to 18 hours can hurt you. When not properly supported, the weight of breast tissue causes curvature, limits shoulder range of motion, and throws off alignment of the spine. Your muscles, and your head, may ache -- and your clothes won’t fall as well.  


  • Amoena has the world’s largest collection of balancers and the most technologically advanced breast forms. All of these have a natural look, feel, and texture.


  • Amoena’s world-renowned breast-care designers and scientists understand every detail of how our breasts move and affect our body, and what a woman needs for the best support, comfort and look.


  • Amoena fitters provide you with support and help you feel more confident and more at ease. We take care to make the best match between your unique body and lifestyle needs, and a breast form or balancer and/or bra.  

So the next time you hear a woman complain about her back, shoulder or neck pain, tell them about Debroah’s story.  Shared experiences can often lead to shared solutions.

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