Feeling Strong and Beautiful

Feeling Strong and Beautiful

There’s More to Lace than Meets the Eye – Discover Its True Strength and Yours

It’s time to set the record straight.  The lacey bra is anything but a flimsy item of the evening, made just for romance.

At long last, Amoena is once again proving that what is feminine is strong.  With its stunning Soft Cup and Seduction collections, Amoena is making sure the soft and lacey bra takes its rightful place in a woman’s daytime wardrobe.

In Europe, wearing a lacey bra, 9 to 5, has long been standard practice.  

Women recognize that a little hint of lace or a rich colour strap adds a lovely touch to their outfit.

But in North America, we often hear women say they believe a lacey bra is to be guarded in tissue paper - tucked safely away until a special occasion calls for it.   That view simply doesn’t take into the power of a beautiful, properly constructed bra – on the body and mind.

The European-designed Amoena soft bra is very far from being just a pretty piece. 

Amoena designers and breast care experts collaborate to blend style and luxury with smart details to ensure an excellent lift and proper care for the breast tissue, neck, back and shoulders.   

Soft is strong

Molded cups are wonderful, but don’t discount the soft bra. 


  • A soft bra shape is able to shape the breast more precisely for a more individual fit. It’s constructed to be more true to your breast.


All Amoena soft bras have intricate details to ensure exceptional fit.  The list of details is long, but just a few highlights include:


  • Beautiful shoulder straps, comfortable and adjustable to avoid strain on the shoulders. These straps look pretty in any width—and they do have increased width in larger sizes for proper support.


  • Invisible pockets in lovely soft, breathable materials to hold a breast form or partial very securely in place. Even when the pocketed feature isn’t needed, the discreet pocket provides a special layer of softness for added comfort.


  • Wider under bands for better support, comfort and stability.


  • Variable fastening: The back closures on the Amoena bras are just one example of how much the designers care about look and comfort. These are padded on the inside to guard against skin irritation.


  • Gorgeous colours: Imagine tones and lace in dark night blacks, deep plums, soft rose and more.  

Transformative –body and mind

As fitters, we hear it and see it everyday – the change that comes over a woman when she looks in the mirror, and says to herself, “Wow.” 

Wearing an exquisite bra that looks really beautiful on you and provides flattering support is your own secret source of vitality.  We can vouch for the therapeutic effect that comes from feeling strong, sexy and confident.

We are also fans of Amoena panties.   They too have a wonderful fit, are designed to be comfortable, and are made of top-quality material for long-lasting life.

 That said, we like the Amoena’s bra and panty sets most because of what a customer named Jennifer shared with us – she spoke for many when she said,  “I can wake up feeling down about the day ahead, but then I put on a really pretty bra and panty set and I feel empowered, I feel special. No one else knows what I’m wearing, but I know.  And that’s what matters.”


Self-knowledge is a beautiful thing.







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