Facing breast surgery? After-care garments help with healing

Facing breast surgery? After-care garments help with healing

We want you to know that our fitters are here for you, from the very beginning of your healing journey. 

We have deep understanding and experience in helping women post-breast cancer surgery to share with you. 

We know that when your procedure is ahead of you, it’s almost impossible to think of anything but getting through it.

But we also know that following surgery is a very sensitive time, and recovery care items can help make your healing more physically and emotionally comfortable.

Come in and talk to us, even before your surgery.

We hear too often from women who were not supported by specialized fitters before meeting us: “I wish I’d known … about recovery care garments, about quality breast forms, about balancers”

That’s why we invite you to drop in anytime for a chat. We’ll answer any questions, and show you the camisoles, bras and breast forms that are designed especially to nurture and protect delicate skin post-surgery while gently restoring shape and confidence. 

Amoena has been meeting the needs of women post breast cancer surgery for over 40 years. We care, and we have you covered.

What are recovery care garments?

Our collection includes post-surgery camisoles

These are pretty camisoles designed by Amoena for post-op.

Take for example, the Amoena Hannah Camisole. It has a zip front closure as well as padded comfy straps that fasten in front. These are design features to allow easy access for treatment while you are recovering range of motion.   

And here’s something else important to know.  All Amoena recovery care camisoles securely hold drain pouches so these don’t have to be taped to the body. These special pockets are removable and optional.

As well, the camisoles are pocketed for post-surgical forms. We can fit you with the right post-surgical form to give you shape right from when you leave the hospital.

All recovery care items are ultra-soft, skin friendly, and lovely. While these are excellent to promote healing, they’re also useful wardrobe staples.

Post-surgical breast forms and bras

You can be fitted with Amoena’s soft Leisure forms and Priforms immediately after surgery. This means if you don’t have to go a single day without restored shape if you don’t want to. You can wear these forms with any of our recovery care gentle compression bras.  

One of the most popular bras for this stage in your healing is the Amoena Frances soft leisure bra. It fits beautifully and is so comfortable that it can double as a sleep bra for you.

Again, Amoena designers are very committed to ensuring recovery care items are extremely soft on the skin. And they all have front fasteners so they’re easy to put on and off when range of motion is diminished just after surgery.  

Compression belts

If you’re having reconstructive surgery, Amoena’s newly developed easy-wear compression belts work very well with any bra or bandage. These compression belts are designed to ensure optimal results by keeping the operated breast(s) in place and preventing implants from moving during the healing process. 

After the chest wall is healed

If you are not having reconstructive surgery, your fitter will now fit you with a breast form that is perfect for your unique body, lifestyle, and preferences. 

When  you drop in, we’ll show how Amoena breast forms feel, move and look like a natural breast.  They all pass the hug test!   We know because fitters and hugs go together.

After lumpectomies

Breasts are rarely an evenly matched pair. But a significant breast imbalance, caused by surgery or just naturally, can affect your posture and cause neck and back pain, as well as headaches. Plus, a difference in size can affect confidence.

There’s simply no need for that.  We have an excellent solution in Amoena Balance enhancers. These restore body symmetry and give you an even silhouette.  They not only feel lifelike, they’re invisible even under the tightest tops.  

It does take a fitter’s expertise to match you with the right Balance enhancer. But rest assured, we are very skilled in delivering the wow effect.

And you’re back … to active living

We have it all here for you  -- a tremendous collection of truly beautiful pocketed lingerie, active wear, swimwear and even PJs  that hold breast forms securely against the chest wall for discretion and confidence 24 hours a day.

Your Amoena fitter is on your team –you wellness team.

As a certified Amoena fitter, we’re all about you  --and you’re  comfort, security and look to help your healing.  So count us in for support, care and understanding, every step of the way.  

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