Discover swimwear made for confidence!

Discover swimwear made for confidence!

There’s nothing like gliding through water to rejuvenate our bodies and mind. It’s such freedom to leave behind our phone and to-do list on dry land. But for many women, putting on a bathing suit also means leaving their confidence. And that’s not cool.


And that doesn’t happen when you’re in a swimsuit by Amoena.  Here’s why…


This summer’s collection features smart styling to address any body issues. The prints are spectacular and will never go out of style. But it’s the excellent support and unique hidden touches that deliver a happy surprise to our clients who previously dreaded swimsuit shopping.


We’re expert at finding you a swimsuit that’s perfect for you. We know our collection inside out. Enjoy browsing and then let us know your preferences and/or concerns. Next, step into the dressing room and relax. We’ll bring you a selection of solutions to buoy your confidence. 


There’s an art and science to matching you with the most flattering swimsuits. Amoena swimsuits are excellent for bringing out the very best in every body shape. Here are just a few tips from the designers for the 4 main body types.


  • A shape: The classic A shape is narrow at the top and curvier at the hips and thighs. So it’s a great idea to emphasize your upper half with brightly coloured swimwear, like an eye-catching tankini top, and match it with a solid bottom. If you prefer bikinis, a solid colour two-piece is very flattering too.


  • O shape: The O shape body can rock swimsuits with vertical stripes, darker colours and gathers or draping on the sides. Tankinis are a terrific choice, so too are supportive bra tops like a halter neck or ones with wider straps.


  • V shape: If you’re a V shape, accentuating your hips with patterns, bold colours or ruffles is a stunning way to create balance with your shoulders. Bottoms that tie at the sides and swim-dresses will show off your shape very well.


  • X shape: When your shoulders and hips are equally balanced, you can dip into many styles. Beautiful bikinis that support you and show off your curves are a win-win. And a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini with a high waist can wow too.


All Amoena swimwear is pocketed. If you wear breast forms or balancers, you can dive worry-free. Amoena designers ensure you never have to worry about breast forms slipping down or falling forward, even in a wet swimsuit.  


The pockets are specially designed for total discretion and security. No one will notice your breast forms--and because they can’t slip--you can move freely. Plus, the pockets are accessible from both the top and the side. This makes it easy for you and ensures breast forms sit properly within the pockets. 


Amoena swimsuits deliver refreshing freedom! Even Amoena swimsuits with tummy and/or bottom control linings to enhance the figure won’t give you that uncomfortable feeling of tightness. Yes, in Amoena, you can breathe deep! 


We love Amoena for always designing for a woman’s optimal support and style, without compromising comfort!


Amoena swimwear is high quality and long lasting. But remember that even swimwear with chlorine-resistant fabrics like LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ does need to be replaced regularly if you are in the water frequently.


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