Did you know? Options after breast cancer surgery

Pink October is now in its 26th year.  And still, after all these years, many women remain unaware of all the options available to them post breast cancer surgery.


This is something we can easily change - simply by sharing a did-you-know with our moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, friends, colleagues!   And we can’t stress enough how great a service you’ll be doing them.


As Amoena fitters, we see the impact on a woman when she’s fitted with a high quality breast form, which feels and looks much like a natural breast.  Her confidence returns – and soars.  And that’s a life changer.


So much celebrating and joy happens in our fitting room every time a woman looks at herself in the mirror and rejoices that her shape and self-image is back.


And yet, even in 2018, women are telling us…”I only wish I’d known before.”


Let’s make sure all women know before!


Here’s a quick overview of key info to share so everyone can know what’s available post-mastectomy and post-lumpectomy.


 And be sure to drop in anytime to let us show you breast forms, balancers, pocketed lingerie and clothing and answer any questions.   


We’ll also tell you about subsidies. Breast forms are subsidized by most provincial health plans, as well as private insurance.


5 Key Did-you-Knows:


  1. There are recovery care items for immediately after discharge.


Amoena makes a range of post-surgical garments to make healing more physically and emotionally comfortable.  


For example, there’s a special camisole with temporary pockets to hold drain pouches so these don’t need to be taped to the body.  


After surgery and during healing, Amoena has soft forms so there’s no need to go a day without restored shape if you don’t want to. These forms can be worn with any of our recovery care gentle compression bras.    


  1. There are revolutionary breast forms for after the chest wall is healed.


If you don’t want reconstructive surgery, or you wish to wait to decide, your Amoena fitter will provide the highest quality solution to restore your silhouette, comfort, and confidence.

The Amoena Contact:  This revolutionary breast form is popular with women as it adheres directly to the chest wall and moves with the body. It gives you fashion freedom. And its adhesive surface is extremely skin-friendly and secure. 

Over 60 styles of breast forms to wear in pocketed bras:  As your fitter, we will fit you with the ideal breast form that’s right for your size, shape, preferences and lifestyle needs.

Gorgeous supportive clothing: You’ll find a vast collection of beautiful pocketed lingerie, active wear, swimwear and leisure wear that hold breast forms securely against the chest wall for discretion, confidence and comfort, all day.



  1. After lumpectomies – excellent solutions to fill out your cup


A significant breast imbalance, caused by surgery or just naturally, can affect posture and cause neck and back pain, as well as headaches. Plus, a difference in size can affect confidence. 


Amoena Balance enhancers:  These restore symmetry and an even silhouette.  They not only feel lifelike, they’re invisible even under the tightest tops.  There are many different enhancers to meet your unique needs so it takes a fitter’s expertise to match you with the right Balance!


  1. When undergoing reconstruction, you can wear an adjustable breast form


The Amoena PurFit is an adjustable breast form that lets you expand and reduce the volume of the form, as needed, to match your existing breast throughout the reconstructive process. 


  1. Expertise matters and your Amoena fitter is certified!


Amoena has been meeting the needs of women post breast cancer surgery for over 40 years. We care, and we have you covered.


Cathy Martin, a single mom, didn’t know how important it was to have a certified experienced fitter in her life until eight long unhappy years after her surgery! 


Post-mastectomy, she said she just happened upon a store that carried a few prosthetics.  There, she endured an unprofessional fitting that didn’t make her feel safe, understood or attractive.  And the breast form was completely wrong for her.


Then she met an Amoena fitter and life changed. 


Fitted expertly with the right breast forms, Cathy recalls she actually shouted, “I begin.”


With the supportive care of an expert Amoena fitter, Cathy explains she literally felt her life began again.  She had regained the confidence and the comfort she had lost.



Spread the word:  Amoena is all about supporting confidence with advanced solutions.  This Pink October, talk about it because a lack of info, or misinformation, can hurt quality of life, and a simple did-you- know can turn it around.




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