Breast Reconstruction? Amoena PurFit is Made for You

Breast Reconstruction? Amoena PurFit is Made for You

Often women facing breast cancer surgery decide to wait until they’ve finished their treatment and have healed before they think about whether or not they want to have breast reconstruction.


Others opt for immediate breast reconstruction. But for those who want to take their time, breast reconstruction is possible even years after a mastectomy.


As Amoena fitters, we’re part of your wellness team. Whatever your choice, we’re here to support you immediately after your surgery through every stage of your healing journey.


Should you decide on breast reconstruction, we’re very pleased to announce Amoena’s PurFit Adjustable Enhancer is now available for you. 


The PurFit is specifically designed for you to wear during your reconstruction tissue expansion process. And it’s excellent! 


Pur-Fit is a breakthrough solution for your comfort and confidence


So many women have told us that during their tissue expansion process, they wish they could feel and look natural and balanced. This matters to their wellbeing. But it was a difficult challenge--until the PurFit Adjustable Enhancer.


You can easily expand and reduce the volume of this brilliant adjustable form. That means you always have a ‘pur-fit’ match to your existing breast throughout your entire reconstructive process. Balance is assured.


And of course, because it’s made by Amoena, the PurFit looks and feels just like a natural breast.   


How PurFit works: Simply adjust the volume of your PurFit by sliding skin-friendly safe fiberfill (that comes with it) into the back pocket of the breast cover form. It’s quick and easy to increase volume and then reduce it as your size changes over the course of your tissue expansion process.


The front of the form is a clear soft silicone--and passes the hug test. The silicone front looks and feels like natural breast tissue, quickly warms to your body temperature and fills your bra cup perfectly. You can go about your day without ever feeling self-conscious.


Great comfort and important protection: The soft silicone front protects your sensitive tissue, yet is still ultra lightweight for all-day comfort.


We also love the unique washable cover for everyday freshness. But above all, we’re thrilled that PurFit lets you feel completely confident and at ease during the reconstruction process. And feeling good is good for healing. 


Drop in for a chat anytime and see for yourself why the PurFit is the perfect solution.


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