Bra Up for the Holiday

Bra Up for the Holiday

A new bra may be all you need to update your holiday look.

Fashion gurus are the first to admit that a good bra is what you need to carry off an outfit.  But we’ll go even one step further. 

A bra that gives you proper support can turn yesteryear’s top or dress into today’s smash success.

 If you’re trying on a favourite piece while wearing an older bra and think the outfit looks tired, out of date, or just doesn’t flatter you anymore.  Wait before you give up. 

More often than not, the let down is coming from your bra, not your outfit.  That little black dress and other classics can last for years, and will outlast even the highest quality bra.


Why bras aren’t made to be your forever

Our breasts change. You may not even notice much of a difference, but our bodies do change over the course of a year. And the particular style of the bra cup that matched you so perfectly last year may no longer be ideal for you this December.    

Sometimes, it’s only when you’re being expertly fitted that you can really appreciate what a new bra style or size can do for your appearance, not to mention your back and shoulders.

Bras aren’t made of stone: In other words, even bras made of top-of-the-line quality fabrics, such as those used by Amoena, get tired over time and lose their fit and support qualities.

Bring your holiday outfit into our fitting room.

Before you toss away your party top or dress favourite, give it a chance and bring it with you to our complementary bra assessment.

Inside the fitting room, our expert fitters will help you determine whether your current bra is working for you. And if it’s not, we’ll show some of the latest spectacular styles to try with your outfit for a new perspective.

We have bras made for dazzling … and dancing anywhere

You’ll have a wonderful time seeing yourself in the new Amoena Seduction collection.  These bras are made to lift our confidence and make us feel, and look, like we own the stage.

That’s not by chance.  The collection is influenced by different dance genres – ancient classical, modern ballet and even showgirl burlesque.  And they sure do inspire our inner dancers.

We love them for that!  And we appreciate them for how incredibly well tailored they are for exceptional fit, support and comfort.

Spin and Imagine

Clothes drape much better over a bra that is optimally fit to support and position your breasts well.   So imagine your favourite holiday outfit, with a new lift, and a few other 2017 special touches, like a statement or layered necklace, bold earrings and heritage bracelets.    

Suddenly, your beloved outfit may be just the one you can still always count on!  



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