Best tips to feel comfortable in your own skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Look at me, I look great!


Repeat that out loud to yourself a few times, and feel the energy.


But there are times when we look in that mirror and see nothing but flaws. And that’s the biggest energy buster there is.


Psychologists say when we’re dissatisfied with how we look, we’re “uncomfortable in our skin”.  Most of us have felt that way at some points in our life.


Sure, as we get older, and wiser, we try telling ourselves we shouldn’t give two hoots about our reflection in the mirror.  Good luck with that, say the wellness experts.


Truth is, whether we’re 19 or 90, when we feel we don’t look good, we don’t feel good about ourselves.  On the flip side, when we’re pleased with our appearance, we’re invigorated.


Those who study emotional health say it’s important to recognize this fact of life, and not run from it. 


When we look in the mirror and give ourselves a smile, and a soft whistle, we’re creating a positive self-image.  And with a strong self-image, we can take on the world.


And that’s why we adore our work!  We get to help you find your whistle.  


Cathy’s story


Eight years ago, Cathy Martin was a single mom who was looking forward to helping plan the wedding of her only child, Jessica.  Then, she was hit with a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer.


Cathy recalls after she had her right breast removed, her concerned daughter repeatedly asked, “How do you feel?”  When she looked in the mirror, she said, “I felt like a freak.”


After she had her left breast removed, Cathy came across a store that carried a few prosthetics where she endured an unprofessional fitting that made her feel horrible. Cathy described it as, “the worst experience I ever had.”  She didn’t feel safe, understood, or attractive.


“I wanted to feel like a woman, but I gave up, I didn’t even bother.”


But then she discovered an Amoena store in Barrie, Ontario.  And just like that, her life changed.


Here’s what Cathy recalls happened when fitted with Amoena breast forms for the first time.  “I begin!” she had declared, “I am jumping around. I am moving.”


Cathy begins again.


With the supportive care of an expert Amoena fitter, Cathy says she literally began – again.   Looking in the mirror of the dressing room, she once more felt comfortable in her skin.


“The bras, the active wear, the casual wear, cruise wear, swimsuits … the Amoena brand gave me my confidence back,” she beams.


She adds the clothing does more than flatter her silhouette, it enhances her.  Seeing her reflection in the dressing mirror, she is jubilant, “It’s me!”


The gift of feeling good is a gift for everyone.  In the video with Cathy and her daughter, you can see Jessica glow in her mother’s happiness.


 “My mom is strong, she’s independent, she’s beautiful, she’s an inspiration for me as a woman and a mother,” she says.


The Amoena Healing Feeling


Cathy’s response to Amoena isn’t by chance.  What makes Amoena unique is that it does something no other brand in the world does --– it designs for a woman’s overall wellbeing.


Every Amoena item is carefully considered to provide optimal support, to flatter the body, to feel good on a woman’s skin, and to make a woman feel good in her skin.    We call it the Amoena healing feeling.


Our favourite tips for feeling good in your skin


Trust in quality:  We all need things we can trust in our life –and that includes some quality staples in our closet that we can wear with confidence.  These are pieces that wear well, drape nicely, and reassure us that we look good, so our best self can shine. 


 You simply can’t go wrong with Amoena strappy Valetta tops that can take you from office, to shopping, to an evening out.


Avoid poor quality – it may be cheap, but it costs your spirit a lot: High quality pieces, like items by Amoena, use the best fabrics and have detailed cuts that flatter the body.  But lesser quality lingerie and garments may look fine in the store, but they don’t hold their shape for long.  When you pass a mirror, you can feel as if you don’t look nice anymore, when in fact, it’s really not you!


Dress for who you want to be:  Your clothes are your outer skin. That’s why we love Amoena bras – they provide fantastic support and comfort, without sacrificing loveliness, shaping you to look your best on the outside.

The same principle applies to Amoena leisure wear for example.  The PJs are comfy, and thanks to built-in support and exquisite drape, you can be your cozy, relaxed self, in perfect confidence.


Tell the mirror on the wall that you deserve the finest fit of all:  Whatever quality item you put on, if it makes you feel good, then go for it!  Let us help you find what makes you whistle at the mirror.  Because when you smile at the mirror, the whole world smiles back at you.  


To be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.”  Charles B. Handy, Irish philosopher and author


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