Best Holiday Practices You Might Not Have Heard Of

Best Holiday Practices You Might Not Have Heard Of

We love December for its focus on families, friends and get-together. But we know a little secret too.  

Many of us can feel like everyone else is living a movie-perfect version of the holidays.  Meanwhile, we may feel our December day-to-day is anything but the stuff of a picture postcard.

Our living room could be littered with pine needles by now.  We may have undercooked the first batch of cookies, and burnt the next.  There goes any dream of being on the next Great Canadian Bake-Off.

We still might not be sure what to buy half the people on our list.  We may not have sent our cards as planned. And at work, end-of-year deadlines may be coming up fast. Soon it’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, and we fret that last year’s sweater looks genuinely ugly on us this year.  Naturally, the dog ripped up the wrapping paper, again.

These are things that you don’t hear much about from friends on Facebook. But behind the fitting room curtain, women share with us life’s big and little challenges every day.

Those who step into our fitting room know they’re in a judgment-free environment where they can talk how they feel -- and be guaranteed support and understanding. And know they are not alone!    

To help with holiday hassles, Amoena fitters everywhere asked women for their ideas on how to enjoy more peace and less pressure this month.  Here are some of their tried-and-true tips.


5 terrific suggestions from Amoena fans worldwide:


  1. Just hide the packaging: We all appreciate homemade treats, but we agree with women who remind us that the cook matters more than her cookies. If you’re out of time and energy, here’s a little secret to keep under your hat.  Buy brownies, cut into uneven sizes for a homemade look, top with a toothpick that holds a cranberry and mini-marshmallow. These little bites will give guests pleasure, and give you a break.


  1. Declare a holiday escape evening: Ask each person in the house to schedule one evening of their favourite take-out (or sandwiches) and the movie of their choice.  


Dress for cozy couch time in the world’s best PJs made by Amoena.  Pampering soft and super comfy, with built-in support and flattering lines, you’ll look perfectly presentable as you pass the pizza box around.



  1. Create the 12 days of Gifting Yourself True Love: This is a delightful practice. Create your own version of the 12 Days of Christmas -- with a daily gift of self-care.  Day 1 may be an early bedtime – with chamomile tea and a new mystery.   Day 2 may be a bath with scented candles and music.  Day 3 may be a Yoga class. This isn’t just a gift to you -- your health and serenity are the real presents for those in your world.


For the gym and yoga studio, check out Amoena active wear; Versatile, breathable, flattering.  You can wear it to work under a jacket and be ready for a dance, stretch or yoga class at day’s end.


  1. Upgrade your bra: Your sweater with a big goofy reindeer is surely as awesome as ever, all it needs is a new bra underneath it.. Clothes won’t flatter you if your bra is letting you down. Stop in, relax in our fitting room, away from the noise and pressure of the holiday shopping, and let us make sure your bra is providing proper lift -- that is important for your appearance, your confidence, your shoulders, neck, and back.


  1. Be ‘grateful’ for a sense of humour: Psychologists say the quickest way to decrease stress is to call up things we’re grateful for.  And we’re all grateful for women who share their humorous take on life, especially when things don’t go smoothly.  We have related and laughed together and that’s made everything better for everyone.  So this year, the very best practice is to breathe deep and breathe out ho-ho-ho. 


Peace and joy from our hearts to yours.


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