An ingenious way to get balance when you need it.


“Perfect people aren’t real, and real people aren’t perfect.”  That’s a reassuring truth that we can happily prove.

 Even the most stunning movie stars are not – objectively speaking – perfect. The right side of their body isn’t exactly the same as their left side.  In other words, they are not entirely symmetrical.  But none of us are.

That’s not a flaw, that’s a fact of the human body.

One foot is a little bigger, one hand a tad bigger, and even one side of our face is a bit different than the other.

Models and stars are keenly aware of this.  Fashion photographers have strict rules about which side of their subjects they’re allowed to photograph. Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Rhianna, Gwnyeth Paltrow insist only on their right side.

 (By the way, a recent study shows 50% of us prefer to turn our right cheek to the camera)

So what about breasts?  Not surprisingly, not one of us has a true twin pair – each breast is somewhat different in size and shape than the other.  


Every breast really is unique

Imbalance is normal.  But there are some instances when it can be an issue.  If after breast surgery, or just naturally, imbalance alters your posture, or makes you feel unsure of yourself when wearing certain fashions, we have an ingenious solution.


Here’s an easy way to even out

Amoena, which leads the world in breast care, has come up with an advanced solution to give women an even silhouette and restore body symmetry.

They designed the Amoena Balance enhancers.  Also known as symmetry shapers or partial shaper, these are simply brilliant.

Super comfortable, easy-to-use, they feel entirely natural.  And they meet every need.  Here’s why we give them two thumbs up:

  •  These enhancers are curved to match your body shape, and perfectly fill your bra.
  •  You can wear them inside a bra, or gently adhere directly to the breast.
  •  They have thin, tapered edge so they’re invisible under clothing. But the effect on your figure won’t go unnoticed!
  •  We can find the exact right Balance for you as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and thickness.
  •  Want to wow? With evening gowns or lower cut tops, the partials can give you an extra “boost”. You can place shapes anywhere in the cup of the bra, to fill out exactly where you need it – underneath to lift up, or on the side to enhance a décolleté.


It’s amazing what a difference a little thing makes.

 These are terrific confidence boosters, for women of all ages. 

 We found they can be helpful for our younger customers too.

 It’s natural for teen girls to have one breast grow faster than the other. But that growth imbalance can be devastating for this painfully self-conscious age group.  


Uniquely comfortable to wear

Amoena really does go the extra mile, every time.  We’re delighted that Balance enhancers feature Amoena’s patented Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology.

 The Comfort+ microcapsules in the Balance enhancers are quite extraordinary.  Theyabsorb heat when your body temperature rises, store the heat and release it back to the body when your temperature lowers. 

 So you stay perfectly comfortable all the time.

Be sure to ask us about the Amoena Balance enhancers –and let your daughters, friends, and family know about them too.   It really doesn’t take much to boost your confidence with a look that makes you feel a lot more at ease.


(Our favourite quote is from Paulo Coelho, famous for his insight into the human heart and author of the bestseller The Alchemist.)

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