6 Breast Surprises

6 Breast Surprises


As expert bra fitters, we know that wearing the right bra matters to your overall health. Just as it matters to be fitted with a breast form or balancer that is uniquely right for your body, post breast cancer surgery.


But did YOU know…


  1. Wearing a too-small bra can affect your breathing.


Often women choose bras too small in hopes of boosting or minimizing cleavage. But when your bra is too tight, it puts pressure on the nerves, muscles and blood vessels around your shoulders, upper back and rib cage. Without you even being aware, a too-tight bra also causes shallow breathing.


As a certified fitter, we give you the cleavage effect you want without causing body pain and damage.


  1. Bounce wears down your delicate breast ligaments.


Too much bounce causes wear and tear on the delicate ligaments that hold up our breasts. These ligaments are like rubber bands, they lose their elasticity when overworked and it never comes back. They’re called Cooper ligaments and they’re affected by bounce whether your breasts are large or small. We fit you in bras that minimize bounce to support your ligaments and protect against sagging.


  1. There’s a solution for filling out your bra cup on one side.


Almost all women have one breast larger than the other. Naturally, or after a breast cancer surgery, you may not fill out your bra cup on one side. Many women try to make do, or use a foam pad, but it’s important for spinal health to be balanced properly. And it gives you a better look. That’s why Amoena developed the largest selection of high-quality Balancers in the world. These feel natural and are invisible even under tight tops.


It takes an expert fitter to select the Amoena Balancer that is the ideal shape, size and thickness for you, but that’s what we do!


  1. For you, like no other - There are many versions of Amoena breast forms to meet personal preferences.


Our fittings are a whole-person experience!  You're uniquely you, so we fit for your unique preferences, lifestyle, spinal alignment needs and desires.  That’s how we match you to the right weight and type of breast form or balancer for you. Your options include a breast form that attaches directly to your skin, called the Contact Comfort+. The Contact can feel lighter because the weight is held against your chest wall so it’s distributed more evenly, like the weight of a real breast. 


  1. Amoena uses material in its forms to beat the heat.


Amoena introduced its patented Comfort+ material 20 years ago. This amazing material is used in many of its breast forms and all of its balancers. It absorbs, stores and releases your body heat to keep your skin at a comfortable, steady temperature.


  1. You’ve got a breast support team in us.


Come and see us, and you’ll feel the difference that a proper fitting makes, instantly!   



All Amoena items are pocketed, and all active wear, swimwear and loungewear also have a built-in shelf bra. If you wear breast forms or balancers, every item assures complete discretion and security.




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