5 Surprising ways to turn up your light in November

5 Surprising ways to turn up your light in November


Most of us greet November’s shorter days and cold winds with a long sigh.  When the sun burns less bright outside, we can feel our own energy dim too.

With that in mind, Amoena consulted women and experts worldwide to find proven tiny tactics to easily do everyday to keep our vitality up as the days go short.


  1. Wake up to water. Begin your day with a glass of water. We dehydrate when the heat comes on.  And dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue. By starting each morning with water, we kick start our system and hopefully a habit of drinking water all day long.


  1. Keep playthings nearby. It may sound silly, but wellness experts say it’s anything but.  Put a tray of pastels, fine markers, playdough, Lego pieces or whatever you like near where you work. Every hour or so, give your mind a five-minute recess. You’ll be amazed how re-energizing it is to spend five minutes of doing something stress-free, just for the fun of it.


  1. Dress for micro-workouts: Getting to the gym, yoga or dance studio is best, but if you find you simply aren’t going, try setting a few micro workouts at work or home your daily goal.  Accumulating bouts of three minutes of physical activity can make a difference to your health and energy levels, according to a Queen’s University study.  Plus, those micro workouts can eventually inspire you to take on longer ones.


Women say they’d happily do a micro-workout during their day –but for one problem.  They’re not dressed for it.  No excuse now!  Amoena, the global brand that makes its mission to support women’s wellbeing, has an awesome solution.  


Amoena active wear is so versatile and flattering –you can easily wear it to work and to workout.  The breathable sports tops look wonderful under a jacket or cardigan and make it possible for you to do a minute-plank or a few minutes of chair dips at any time.  Add Amoena long tights under a pair of wide pants and you’re dressed for full-out action.


  1. Buy an hourglass sand timer to help you focus: The goal is to avoid multi-tasking which depletes our energy as well as our productivity by about 40%, say experts.  Instead, use a 20-minute sand-timer to help you stay on task until the last grains fall. Sure, you could set the timer on your smartphone, but wellness experts say it’s more effective, and more fun, to use the visual tool of a sand-timer.



  1. Make relaxation time a thing: Respect your down time by observing a few rituals.  Change out of your busy-day clothes, diffuse pure lavender or other essential oils into your environment, soften the lighting, move work projects out of sight.  Spirits, and energy, lift when you set the stage for tranquility.


Don’t feel right about wearing PJs in the early evening?  It’s Amoena to the rescue.  We can’t say enough about the silky soft Amoena home wear that flatters as much as it soothes. Designed to ensure confidence, no one but you will know you’re in your nighttime cozies because the styles, and built-in support, have you looking perfectly presentable.   



All Amoena bras and tops are pocketed and can be used with a push-up, an enhancer, a partial or full breast-form. Amoena tops, including loungewear and PJs, feature Amoena signature built-in support. 

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