5 Secrets for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

5 Secrets for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Here’s something that may surprise you.  Presenting gifts to others is a primal instinct – we’ve been doing it since the cave days to save ourselves.

Historians tell us that our early ancestors instinctively felt things would go better for them if they gave an offering to any strangers they met who had a nasty gleam in their eye. 

Over time, the practice of gift giving became synonymous with showing respect and appreciation.  And that’s the meaning that has endured.

But the stress of holiday shopping can make us feel once more that we’re fighting for our survival – or least for our our sanity!  Here’s why …

Our brains go on hyper-drive in busy malls and big stores.


Psychologists have studied why shopping in busy places can leave us feeling wired.  They found we’re overcome by sensory overload.  This occurs when we’re in a place where different lights, sights, sounds and smells compete for the brain’s attention.


As well, the research shows we’re made anxious by time-pressures, too many options, fear of missing out, and overheating in winter gear.


Our mood affects our shopping judgment.


The real issue is that stress interferes with our decision-making.  When overwhelmed, we’re more likely to over-spend or make poor choices.  Once back home, decompressing with chamomile tea, we look at our purchases and wonder, “What was I thinking?”  Fortunately, we have tips to help avoid buyer’s exhaustion and remorse.


5 secrets to make shopping easier for body and mind


  1. Journal before you shop. Here’s a formula for better buying.  Get comfy, pick up a pen, and write down secret wishes for friends and loved ones. 


Maybe you’d like your daughter or friend to relax more?  How about presenting her with beautiful and unique wind-down clothing to help her get into a less stressed mindset after her busy day.  


Amoena PJs are just the ticket –they’re as soft as a caress, and with built-in support, they’re so flattering, you can wear them late into the morning, or early in the evening, and still look perfectly presentable.


As we age, we need to exercise for mental and physical heath.  Want to make sure mom keeps healthy? How about a new swimsuit and a date for an Aquafit class, with tea to follow?  We have swimsuits that guarantee comfort and confidence in and out of the water.  (Bring in your mother’s old swimsuit for sizing, or present her with a gift certificate and she’ll enjoy an uplifting, caring fitting room experience as we find the right swimwear for her.) 


Another idea to get loved ones moving more? Clients have told us they’ve made friends and family really happy with gifts of Amoena active wear that come with dates to walk on side-by-side treadmills at the gym. 


  1. Dress for a workout -- Did you know that we take an average of 7,305 steps during a holiday shopping spree.  That’s according to research that shows we can burn 495 calories in a three-hour marathon at the mall.  Add to that the bags we carry and we have a workout worthy of the gym. So be sure to dress for it – and wear your comfiest shoes.


Many clients tell us they adore Amoena’s strappy versatile Valletta top for shopping, not just for the gym.


The Valletta is flattering, comfortable, and wears beautifully under a sweater or jacket that you can take off if you overheat. Plus, wearing a Valletta means you can avoid long hot line-ups for a dressing room to try on a top, and instead find a mirror to whip one on over it.


  1. Consult personal shoppers, like us. Research confirms what we know –shoppers save enormous amounts of time, money and frustration when they consult expert boutique staff who are invested in their customers, and take the time to ask questions.   


Here’s a case in point:  We care about one thing only:  That you make choices that make you feel good, for all the right reasons. We know our inventory inside out, you tell us what you’re thinking about, and we’ll show you suggestions that match your budget and your wish list for your consideration -- now or for the future. 


  1. Shopping sprees can be de-hydrating. Drink water:  If your shopping is giving you a headache, or you’re feeling tired, maybe even a bit dizzy, you are likely in desperate need of water.


Dehydration lowers blood flow and oxygen to the brain, and more important than picking up a gift is picking up a bottle of water.  


  1. Use a list and shop in spurts: Bracing fresh air, or sitting down with tea and people watching, will allow you to recalibrate when you feel frazzled during your on a spree.

The best way is not to cram everything in one high-stress day.  Instead, write out a 15-day plan of action, and include only one or two items per day on your list.



Bonus tip:  When you draw a blank, or can’t find an appropriate item, remember it’s not the end of the world.  Instead, relax and pick up an assortment of small fun items or a few delicacies from local stores for a gift bag.  Include a hand-made coupon redeemable for a “big” gift.  This could be dinner out or a date to shop together for that ideal present. 



Remember, your wellbeing is the greatest gift to those who care about you.  So put self-care at the top of your list for the best holiday for all.



All Amoena bras and tops are pocketed and can be used with a push-up, an enhancer, a partial or full breast-form. Amoena tops, including loungewear and PJs, feature Amoena signature built-in support. 

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