3 Tips to Make the Most of August

3 Tips to Make the Most of August

August is more than a month; it’s a state-of-mind. A time to idle before life revs up again in the fall. And whether you’re staying in town, going to the cottage or traveling, we have 3 wonderful practices you can do anywhere to make the most of these dog days of summer. 


What’s more, these practices can keep you in an August state-of-mind all year round.


Enjoy Water Practice


  • Drink it: Doctors, coaches, beauty specialists all report that most of us need to drink more water to improve our health, performance, and skin. It’s the best source of fluid there is, and we can lose a lot of water perspiring on hot summer days.


  • Infuse it: To help you get your daily intake, add rinsed fruit (or veggies like cucumber) to a jug or glass and let sit for a while so flavours will infiltrate. Add mint for a refreshing zing. Infused water has fewer calories than flavoured water as the juices stay mostly within the fruit.


  • Jump into it: Swimming is a fantastic workout, plus it provides a real mental holiday as we naturally focus only on our breathing and swim strokes. All you need is a swimsuit, and we will fit you with one that will have you sizzle with confidence. Amoena’s collection has designs that flatter every body shape, and provide ultimate support, security and comfort, as well as the wow factor! 


Enjoy Cloud Gazing:


Cloud gazing is free, fun, and excellent for our health, say wellness experts.


When we lie back and study the clouds, we trigger our creative mind, without even trying. And we leave the earth behind. Instead of staying grounded in our every day concerns, we mind travel. We see lions running in the sky and giant ice cream cones in those big powder puffs above.  


Even just a few minutes with our heads in the clouds has a calming effect on us, insists researcher and author Gavin Pretor-Pinney, famous for The Cloud Collector’s Handbook


  • Dress for cloud watching: Amoena’s hugely popular collection of sleeveless tops, which includes the number-one rated adjustable strappy Valletta, are all made from the softest material to feel just like a gentle breeze on your skin.



With a built-in bra for terrific support, every one of these tops looks as good as it feels. Perfect on its own—and ideal under a blazer for work or a light sweater for evening—each style is designed to let you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed. This collection is ideal for sky-gazing breaks from morning to night.


Enjoy early mornings:


The hot days of August encourage us to embrace the cool, quiet early hours of morning for jogs and power walks.


  • Start the day in clothes that energize: A great tip for getting out of bed earlier is to get straight into clothes that spark energy. Amoena’s active wear line brilliantly invigorates and each item is exceptionally long-lasting.


From new bold and beautiful sports bras that provide the best in support and comfort, to a fabulous gym top that uses performance fabric, to mid-length capris that are super flattering; Amoena makes it easy to get-up and go.  



All Amoena’s items are pocketed and can be used with a push-up, an enhancer, a partial or full breast-form.


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