What’s it like to live 20 years with a Contact Adhesive Breast Form? Find out here…

What’s it like to live 20 years with a Contact Adhesive Breast Form? Find out here…

Now in her early 50’s, Beate is a mom, a publicity agent for theatre, a yoga enthusiast and an Amoena model. In 1998 Beate had a mastectomy and she’s worn the Contact Comfort+ adhesive breast form ever since. Always on the go, Beate says she wanted to wear a breast form that she could “forget about”. She lives in Germany with her family.


Here, Beate tells what she likes about wearing an Amoena Contact and what she worried about at first.


Did you ever imagine you would be saying, “I’ve worn a Contact breast form for nearly 20 years?” How does that feel?


B: Great! My Contact breast form feels like something that belongs totally to me.


What do you like most about wearing a Contact? 


B: What has been, and still is, wonderful is the fact that with the Contact I can do everything I want, without any limits. Putting on and wearing Contact is so easy. Actually, sometimes I forget I'm wearing a breast form. That is the biggest gift Amoena can give to women like me.


Do you remember what you were feeling and thinking when you first tried the Contact?


B: In the beginning, I was a bit concerned about whether the Contact really would stay securely in place. Would it move around or come away from the skin? But at the same time, I had already met a lot of women who swore by the self-adhesive breast form. And they were right.


What is something women might not know about adhesive breast forms that you think they should?


B: I would advise all women not to lose their patience if the first wearing is not one hundred percent satisfying. It's worth trying a second time or even a third.


Do you favour Amoena bras or do you wear other brands? (It’s okay if you do!) 


B: I have only worn Amoena bras for the past 20 years. And I always look forward to buying new ones.




Are there other Amoena items you’d never give up?


B: As I like swimming, I wear Amoena swimsuits. The styles are very fashionable. Even my daughter agrees that I have very beautiful swimsuits, and now and then she will borrow one when we go for a swim together. That speaks volumes about the Amoena designs!


What are your best tips for traveling with a breast form? 

B: Never forget the cleaning set! 


Want to know if the Contact Comfort+ is right for you?


As your Amoena fitter, we can help you decide. We know how to make absolutely sure to fit you with the breast form that is best for your body, your feelings, and your lifestyle.


Here are 6 fast facts about the Contact Comfort+


  • The breast form adheres directly to the chest wall, no added adhesive is necessary
  • It’s very gentle to the skin and includes Amoena patented Comfort+ material which absorbs, stores and releases heat to keep your body temperature steady and comfortable
  • The Contact follows your every body movement naturally, never falling away from the body when you bend over; it’s ideal to wear with fitted clothing
  • Because it attaches directly to the chest wall, the weight of the form is distributed more evenly, helping to relieve stress on the shoulders and back—It comes in standard and light weights
  • Like all Amoena breast forms, it feels and looks natural, and passes the hug test!
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