Insider Info on Swimsuits

Insider Info on Swimsuits

Insider info on swimsuits


The new Amoena swimsuit collection has arrived.   Get ready to suit up, dive in and own the water.  


For a long time, we’ve heard from women who’d like to get into the pool but won’t because they dread putting on a bathing suit.  Now, that tug-of-war is over for good.


The latest brilliant designs from Amoena put all concerns to rest.   Once again, with this collection, it’s obvious why Amoena leads as the brand that gives women the ultimate in support and confidence.


The new collection of swimwear is both fashionable and fantastic for addressing body image issues.  It has so many little hidden extras to power confidence.  And, for those who wear breast forms, Amoena is simply the best swimwear in the world for holding breast forms securely and discreetly.


We’re so impressed with this year’s swimwear collection, we could write volumes on it. But we know it’s the mirror that will make the best case for you.  Still, we can’t resist passing on a little behind-the-scene info about why the Amoena swimwear line is unique and … intelligent.


Amoena designers shared some of their unique design secrets:


Bust shaping:  The designers integrated soft cups for excellent support and gentle bust shaping.  If you wear a breast form(s), the elasticated under-band and built-in bra hold your breast form or swim prosthesis close against your body. 


Freedom from concern –in water and on land:  Amoena designers ensure you never have to worry about breast forms slipping down or falling forward, even in a wet swimsuit.   The pockets are specially designed for total discretion and security – no one will notice your breast forms and because they can’t slip, you can move freely.  Plus, the pockets are accessible from both the top and the side.  This makes it easy for you and ensures breast forms sit properly within the pockets. 



Underarm consideration:  It’s remarkable how just a slightly higher cut under the arms provides a more flattering line.  It’s not excess coverage, but it gives added security and peace of mind, and can camouflage high scarring.


Leg-line:  Many are much too thigh-shy—though there’s no need.  Amoena’s leg-line flatters most figures and ages. 


We adore the no bikini line prep required: Some of the swimwear features stunning, and flattering boy-shorts and sarong styles so you can get into the pool, fuss-free. What convenience, what a treat.


Adjustable straps:  Some Amoena styles have adjustable straps as for some women; this feature makes all the difference to the look and performance of the swimwear.


Smart control:  High-five to Amoena for this design feat.  Their swimsuits with tummy and/or bottom control linings made of supportive Lycra help enhance the figure, but – and this is key— without giving you that uncomfortable feeling of tightness.   Yes, we can breathe!  


Cup sizing:  It’s not really a surprise to us that the brand that leads in breast support also has swimwear styles in different cup sizes.


Back for a reason:  Once again, the Amoena trademark back is at 2.5 to 5 cm below the bra line.  This is for assured security and comfort. And it looks really pretty too.


Underwired pockets:  Here’s a nice touch. Some bikinis in the collection have soft under wiring to adapt to your shape and provide support without discomfort.  Be assured, the flexible under wiring won’t damage Amoena breast forms.


Did you know when you get in the water, you’re not just swimming, you’re role modeling.


Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner wrote an article in the New York Times called Women Who Won’t Wear Swimsuits.  These are women who lost the battle between really wanting to get into the water and feeling they should hide any jiggly bits.   And so Weiner did something to get them back in the swim.


 In 2016, she posted a picture of herself in her size 16 swimsuit with the hashtag #wearthatswimsuit.  And thousands of women of all shapes and sizes took up the challenge.  They got in the water, and posted their picture.


You could hear the sound of Amoena fitters the world over applauding.


We know our swimwear designs inside out. 


Amoena fitters are part of your wellness team.  Your health and wellbeing matter to us.  And swimming is proven to be one of the best things for both body and mind.  So let us get you into swimwear that will have you eager to experience what gliding in water can do for you.


Drop in, browse and then step into our fitting room.  Tell us your preferences and/or your concerns, and we’ll bring you a selection of terrific, flattering solutions to buoy your confidence.   And with your first dip, you’ll inspire reluctant girls and women in your life to also wear that swimsuit!


Points to consider:


If you haven’t been exercising for a while, for any reason, health care professionals endorse swimming as one of the safest and most comfortable ways to get back into fitness.


  • “One of the big plusses of swimming comes from the magic buoyancy of water. There is no pressure or strain placed on the muscles and joints,” explains Jane Katz, professor of health and physical education at City University, New York.


Can you swim after a mastectomy?  Yes, when the doctor says it’s okay to begin moderate exercise, the pool can be your first stop!  If you aren’t a swimmer, gentle water exercises, such as arm circles and wall push-ups will give you many of the same benefits.


  • Amoena swimsuits hold either a regular silicone breast form. Although we like the form made especially for swimming, Aqua Wave.  


The Aqua Wave has a much hallowed back so water can flow through without accumulating.  And the silicone is more rigid, so it is extremely durable.


Chlorine and salt water won’t damage your breast form — but be sure to rinse it (and your swimsuit) in fresh water after you swim. If left unwashed, chlorine and salt will break down the silicone.


Remember that even swimwear with chlorine-resistant fabrics like LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ does need to be replaced regularly if you are in the water frequently.

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