Doctors prescribe exercise for breast cancers patients

Doctors prescribe exercise for breast cancers patients

If you ever needed a little motivation to go swimming, dancing, jogging or working out, you won’t anymore.

New research out of Australia gives us so much solid reason to exercise that it no longer feels like a question of choice. The findings prove exercise reduces the reoccurrence of cancer and increases lifespan!  

Doctors in Australia prescribe exercise as part of cancer treatment, based on the results of the large study by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) which made headlines worldwide. 


How significant are the results? The head author of the study, Prue Cormie, put it this way: if a pill could deliver the same effects as exercise, it would be prescribed to every cancer patient in the world and hailed as a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. Yes, that significant.


And Canadian doctors agree with the findings.  In fact, they want their patients to keep exercising even after formal treatment is over.


To make that happen, Dr. Ellen Warner, a Toronto oncologist who treats breast cancer patients, told the CBC, "I encourage patients to pick types of exercise they enjoy and make it part of their lifestyle for the rest of their life."

As your Amoena fitter, we can help you get active, even during treatment.

We’re here for you at every stage of your healing journey, from immediately post-op to recovery. 

If your doctor wants you to exercise during treatment, be sure to come in for a chat. We will show you the breast forms, bras, and active wear that are best for you when you’re undergoing treatment.

It is very important that, post-breast cancer surgery and during treatment, you wear skin-friendly items designed to allow you to move comfortably, safely and confidently. And that’s our area of expertise.



We also make sure you like how you look. Here’s how:

  • As of post-surgery, you can wear Amoena leisure breast forms, silicone breast forms or Balance options which look so natural and provide a lovely silhouette. Plus, they feel like a real breast so you can be sure they’ll pass the hug test.
  • Amoena pocketed active wear is exceptionally flattering. You’ll see that you’ll look wonderful when you go back out there for a jog or power walk with your partner, your kid(s), or your friend(s). And you’ll smile at yourself when you catch yourself in the mirror at the yoga studio, or when working out alongside others at the gym. Even Amoena sports bras are designed to boost self-image, while ensuring confidence and comfort.
  • When you’re ready to swim, we guarantee you’ll love how Amoena’s stunning swimsuits fit.

As your Amoena fitter, we support confidence. We live the belief that how we feel effects how we heal. We make sure to fit you for balance and spinal health in forms, bras and pocketed garments that uplift you--body and spirit

So take the first step, it’s worth it--says a woman who knows!  

Emily Piercell was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, when still in her 20’s. In an interview with CBC, she said that along with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, her oncologist prescribed exercise.

She recalls it was hard to stay active through exhaustive cancer treatment. "There were days I didn't want to go outside for my walk," she told CBC News. "My mom and my sisters would say: we're going."

But Piercell says she believes staying active, and exercising throughout her treatment, helped her recover faster. "It kept me strong and kept my mind strong." 

All Amoena items are pocketed, and all active wear, swimwear and loungewear also have a built-in shelf bra. If you wear breast forms or balancers, every item assures complete discretion and security.




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