Breast surgery and Self-Image

Breast surgery and Self-Image

If you are struggling with body image after your breast cancer surgery, we want you to know you are not alone. Officially, about half of women feel like you do.  Unofficially, we know that almost everyone who has had surgery has the same struggle.

We are here to help. If you (or a woman you know) find it hard to face the mirror, all we ask is you step into our safe fitting room. 

With us, you don’t have to try to feel a certain way or do anything. Just relax and know that we’ll take good care of you. That’s what we do.

If you chose to wear breast forms, we’ll fit you with an Amoena breast form which has the look, feel and texture of a natural breast.

We carry Amoena for good reason. It is truly dedicated to providing the most advanced solutions to make sure women look and feel comfortable and secure. That’s why it has developed such a wide selection of breast forms.

As fitters, we are able now to make a match that is absolutely right for your body, your preferences and your lifestyle.  And each one passes the tightest, closest hug test.  Guaranteed.

If you don’t fill out your cup, we have a solution. 

After surgery, you may not fill out your cup. 

Don’t worry! You can wear tight tops again, with total confidence.  We’ll fit you with one of the amazing Amoena Balance breast shapers. 

These too come in a large range of choices.  We will find the perfect size, shape and thickness for your unique need.  It goes without saying, these also pass the hug test. 

Close your eyes

Here is what happens in our fitting room.

You’ll spin around and see yourself looking lovely and entirely balanced in gorgeous lingerie, pretty PJs, dynamic yoga tops, and sexy swimwear.

It doesn’t take a village – only an expert fitter.

Self-image starts with you, but sometimes you need a little expert know-how to re-ignite your inner light post surgery.

Cathy Martin is a case in point. Following her breast surgery, she recalls, “I wanted to feel like a woman, but I gave up, I didn’t even bother.”

Cathy was out of energy and hope until she walked into an Amoena fitting room.  And something wonderful happened behind the curtain.

Our magical fitting room

We think of our fitting room as a magical place because it’s where women come to find new confidence.

Cathy said it best when after being fitted with an Amoena breast form, she declared: “I begin!” 

A healing feeling

Amoena is unique in the world for doing something no other brand does – it designs for a woman’s overall wellbeing.    

Every item is pocketed, with built-in support.  Each one is tailored in great detail to make a woman feel completely secure and confident every moment of the day.  

Amoena lingerie, active, leisure and home wear lines  are so flattering.  Everything feels good on your skin to make you feel good in your skin. 

We call that the Amoena healing feeling.    Spread the love around.


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