Lymph Flow Front Closure (2 Colours)

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  • Innovative Bonding Technology provides flat seams, impedes cutting in the superficial lymph system. the material in combination with the bonding technique results in a higher stiffness of the material, ideal in order to keep up the pressure towards the body from the outside
  • Wide shoulder straps provide a high wearing comfort, a relief of the shoulders. They prevent a cutting in that can impede the lymph flow
  • Medical grade pressure support of the Lymph flow by increasing the interstitial pressure, ideal for an edema at chest or breast
  • Adjustable straps easy adjustment of the length with super soft hook-and-loop fastener
  • Innovative SensElast® Technology at the sides and back parts 3D printing technology combined with a bonding technology in order to create a structured surface, that provides a light massaging effect in combination with movement of the body. Ideal to support the lymph flow and relaxation of fibrotic tissue
  • Higher side and back parts provide a good coverage and stability and hence a high wearing comfort
  • Moulded cups and integrated pockets hold a breast form or partial securely in place, concealing unevenness. Front closure with zipper and additional magnet closure for easy handling, ideal for patient with sensibility difficulties in the fingers.

    NOTE - Not suitable for women with pacemakers or other artificial devices that may be affected by magnets, please refer to the Instructions for Use.